Three Common Causes of Itchiness in Cats

Scratching is perfectly normal behavior for cats and there usually isn’t any cause for concern if your cat has a little itch every now and then. However, aggressive or excessive scratching and biting at the fur or skin might be worth investigating. If your cat appears to be itchier than normal, for example, if they are scratching a lot throughout the day or scratch for longer periods of time, it might be worth having a word with your vet. Itchy skin can be very uncomfortable for cats and shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some common causes of itchy skin in cats and what you can do about it.

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Fleas are one of the most common causes of itchiness in cats and if you suspect that your cat has fleas, it’s best to deal with the problem sooner rather than later. Fleas can be really difficult …

Common Sense Advice For Caring For Your Dog

You love your dog to the ends of the world. He loves you straight up to the moon. That love is irreplaceable, which means you have to ensure your dog is happy and healthy every day of the year. This article has a ton of great advice for you, so continue through until the very end.

Brushing your dog’s teeth is important, but it is not easy. If your dog is resisting, once a day simply lift their lips and use your finger to rub their teeth lightly. Do it quickly at first, and then begin to draw out the time you spend performing this action. This will help them get use to the process. After that, you can begin using an actual brush and toothpaste.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog, try taking a couple of weeks off work so you can spend some time with your …

Common Sense Advice For Caring For Your Dog

When you own a dog, you will understand why people consider them a part of the family instead of just a pet. As they gaze lovingly at you with their big, glistening eyes, your heart will melt. Your wallet will also become much lighter thanks to everything you need to care for them properly! This article will help you learn what dog ownership means for you and how to do it right.

If you are looking for a great family pet, but are on a budget, consider rescuing an animal.You can get one at a local shelter for minimal costs and the dog will come with a clean bill of health and all his shots. If you are interested in a specific breed, contact a rescue group specializing in only those pooches.

Your dog needs a stimulating environment if it is going to live a long and healthy life. Providing …